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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Glance at Glass: Abbeydorney

Recently I was taken to St Bernard's Church
Abbeydorney by a good friend.
She was keen on showing me the
stained glass window that in more than one way
brightens up this grand space.

This futuristic building of 1968 must have made
heads turn in those days. The design, well ahead
of its time, can still very much intrigue today.

The stained glass is well matched to the building.
In the interest of displaying the stained glass
here properly we have taken the liberty to digitally
remove some obstructing church artifacts which
unfortunately are placed permanently right in front
of this lovely window.

During research for this Glance at Glass article I came
across a story about the electrification of Abbeydorney
This humorous collection of anecdotes, which gives an
idea of Ireland in the 40ties and 50ties, is well
worth a read and can be found by clicking here.