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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stained Glass Callsign update.

Thank you to all who visited us at our
gallery exhibition last weekend.
We truly enjoyed having you all over.

As promised I have put up a finished products
similar to that which you all saw on our
light box while you were here.

Also it was asked how long postage takes in Ireland.
Generally it will take a few days.
In case of the US it takes about five days
for the parcel to reach your doorstep from Ireland.
England and Europe take a about 7days on average.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

A hero in the picture.

Apologies to all non-radio people for the jargon in the following...

In the June 2009 issue of the magazine Practical Wireless
a four page interview is published with the great George Dobbs, G3RJV.

Well known worldwide to QRP-ers and other radio amateurs and SWLs, George with his writing has made radio electronics accessible to all.
I am sure many many people, like myself have made homebrew equipment that actually works because of the clear writing, inventive ways of doing things and no-frills techniques of George.
A junk box, a soldering iron and the PW articles of George is all that is
needed for years of educational fun.

The stained glass callsign shown here was made for George last year as a little thank you for the enjoyment I got from making the many projects published in PW, written by G3RJV.
Hope his retirement from being a Vicar of St.Aidans church in Sudden, Rochdale
will give him more time to spend on sharing his QRP construction work with readers of 'Carrying on the Practical Way' and being the editor of SPRAT, the
quarterly magazine of the G Qrp club.

Thanks must go also to Rob Mannion, G3XFD/EI5IW editor of Practical Wireless who kindly delivered the stained glass callsign to George. Thanks Rob!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you QST magazine !

Following a mention of our products in the American radio amateur magazine QST we were delighted to have had numerous enquiries about stained glass callsign plaques. A big THANK YOU goes out to QST and the ARRL for their kindness.

Cost for stained glass callsigns:
PA3BFJ is approx (14x34cm) 182 USD plus 26 USD for post and packaging.
EI7EU is approx (18x32cm) 234 USD plus 26 USD for post and packaging.
Prices quoted outside of the Euro zone, will depend on current exchange rate value.

See picture of work in progress on one of the stained glass callsigns.